TEAMSESCO, more than a century of experience

serving industry, nationwide!

Through four generations of the same family’s dedicated leadership, our core business has been in providing services to industry.

Evolving Our Business to Meet Customer’s Needs

Founded in 1913 as a motor repair shop, TEAMSESCO has continually evolved it’s business to better reflect the needs of an ever-changing industrial repair industry.  In the company’s formative days it did everything from motor rewinds to installing stop signals for municipalities. But, as industry needs have changed, so has TEAMSESCO in an effort to better meet the demands of our clients.

Through four generations of the same family’s dedicated leadership, TEAMSESCO’s core business has been in providing technology services to industry. Today, TEAMSESCO is one of the nation’s leading industrial electronic repair businesses.

As TEAMSESCO continues to expand across the country, our centralized location in North Carolina allows us to provide nationwide support for our growing customer base. Our expansive facilities allow us to provide:

  • Repair and testing equipment of the size and scope required to guarantee reliability and long-life on the items that we service.
  • Over one-million repair parts in inventory to insure that the parts required on your emergency and normal repairs are available when needed.
  • A large pool of well-trained and highly-skilled technicians with the depth of education and experience required to repair your items quickly and with the highest quality.

Our North Carolina service center, comprising 25,000 square-feet on a 4-acre site, provides the very latest in service and repair of Industrial Electronics. TEAMSESCO employs the best technicians in their particular fields, and provides the most up-to-date testing equipment and procedures found anywhere in the industry, GUARANTEED!