Every TEAMSESCO Repair Includes Comprehensive

Dynamic Testing!

When your application requires precise speed control, dynamic performance, and constant torque, trust TEAMSESCO for your repairs.

brushless dc drive repairTEAMSESCO‘s REPAIR PROCEDURE:

  • The brushless DC drive motor is back driven and put through intense dynamic testing to determine faults
  • Alignment is checked and recorded
  • The DC drive motor is completely disassembled and all parts are cleaned and inspected
  • The DC drive motor windings are washed, baked & tested
  • Stators are surge tested at 1500 volts to ensure windings and insulation will withstand full load
  • Needed DC drive repairs are performed and the motor is reassembled using new seals, gaskets and hardware
  • Testing of magnets by measuring maximum torque with DC stall amps applied to the motor
  • Motor is run tested using TEAMSESCO customized test equipment
  • The DC drive motor is painted and returned in like new condition