TEAMSESCO PartnerPlus Program 1The TEAMSESCO PartnerPlus Program 

If you are a reseller of industrial electronic repairs, you already know the demand for these services is growing at a steady rate. What you may not know is that now is an excellent time to partner with TEAMSESCO, Industrial Technology Services.

With over 100 years of industrial repair experience, our industry-exclusive StarService Guaranteed repairs and our dedicated, experienced staff means you’ll have easier sales and a faster time to revenue!

The TEAMSESCO PartnerPlus repair incentive program is designed for sales channel partners. It is built on establishing a limited number of highly customized relationships. The program’s goal is to drive profitable results, for both TEAMSESCO and our repair partners.

Partnering For Profitability

TEAMSESCO’s PartnerPlus program is designed to maximize our responsiveness and support to make it easier, and more profitable, for our partners to do business and improve their bottom line!

Repair Partner PlusWe created PartnerPlus to improve growth for our partners by strengthening our sales channels while building new relationships. TEAMSESCO is selective in forming its sales relationships, helping minimize channel competition between our partners. This approach enables TEAMSESCO the ability to tailor the program to each partner’s unique business and target market.

To be considered for the PartnerPlus program please complete the form below and let TEAMSESCO help you start improving your bottom line today!


TEAMSESCO's PartnerPlus Program

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